•          CSR

        “Dedicated to building the most respected PCB factory” is the vision of Sunking. While in the pursuit of being the most respected PCB service supplier, we also determined to be an enterprise respected by both the society and our staff members, and fulfill our commitment to the society.

        Recent years, Sunking takes the social responsibilities as its duty, subjectively safeguard the lawful rights and interests of shareholders, the company as well as the employees, take care of its staff members, strengthens the company cohesion, stimulates the sense of pride and responsibility of the employees, being credible to suppliers and customers, protects the environment, advocates the values of low-carbon life, energy saving and emission reduction as well as clean production, enthusiastic participation in public service, accepts the supervision from both government and the public, to promote the coordinated and harmonious development of both the company itself and the whole society.

        Public Service

        Over the years, Sunking has been enthusiastic about taking part in public services. We pay constant and close attention to and sponsor the activities of social welfare, cooperate with social welfare houses from Shenzhen, Zhuhai etc. in fund raising for children to actualize social care and social feedbacks.

        Care for the staff members

        Sunking has been devoted to provide safe and comfort working environment for its employees. We have a perfect on-job training program and a highly effective tutor system, to pave a “Management Promotion” and a “Technology Promotion” way for employees.


        Environment Policy of Sunking

        Sunking takes the Environment policy as one of the company’s management policies, since the very beginning of the construction planning. We insist “Green Factory” idea to be environmental protect.

        At the beginning of the factory construction, Sunking have conducted a in-depth investigation and study on the newest processes and technologies for environment protection, energy saving and intelligent security management, invested RMB 86million in environmental protection facilities for liquid and gas waste treatment, providing technical and physical support for environment protection, energy saving and clean production.

      Environmental Policy

        Sunking has a perfect environment management system, and has passed the IOS14001 EMS Certification.

        To prevent the liquid waste, exhaust gas from polluting the environment, Sunking stick to the environment laws and promise discharge & recycle the industrial pollution after strictly treatment.

        As to reduce the environmental damage from the chemical in the product, Sunking complies with the RoHS standard, pushing our products toward Pb free & Halogen free.

        Sunking attaches great importance to train the environmental awareness of staffs, every year employees will participate in the tree planting activities which organized by the company etc.

        Health & Safety Policy

        Sunking always believes that employees are the core property of the company, so we try the best to provide a safer, more comfortable working and living environment for employees.

        Sunking attaches great importance to employees’ health and safety, we have developed an optimized occupation health and safety management system, Sunking have earned the OHSAS18001 certificate and QC08000 certificate. Sunking consider employees’ health and safety as an important management work, we promise to provide the necessary protective equipment to our employees and ensure the safety for employees.

        Set up dedicated security department, to conduct security check, identify security risks and immediate rectification.

        Through safety training, to enhance the safety consciousness of employees; Make out the contingency proposal; Organize regular employees emergency drills;

        Sunking pay attention to food quality and safety for employees, and also organize medical checks regularly for employees.