•         One:The Core Culture of Our Company

      The Operation Philosophy: human top, honest and earnest, pursuing first-rate, realizing excellent,

        The enterprise Spirit: dedicated, sincerity, persistence, innovation.

      The quality Policy: customer supreme, five partners come to win-win, continuous improvement, prevention first

      Environmental Policy: continuous improvement, produce safely, prevention pollution, obey the law.

        Company Aim: customer is the god, customer’s 100% satisfaction is our aim, at the same time, our company has established the outstanding customer service group, so we can communicate with customers at fixed period and provide professional service. The Sunking Company will make concerted effort with all the partners to create our bright future.

        Our company formed the particular culture by its unique background enterprise and multi-cultural integration. Our company place emphasize on the talent cultivation, sound system and welfare perfection, the good talent training and the simulated salary system can provide vast development space for staffs. Talents are the main resource for the company’s development and the competitive market. Sunking always takes the talent strategy as the most important strategy of company’s development, we pay attention to the talent cultivation as well as talent introduction. On management, we are good at knowing person, choosing person and educating person, focusing on the high-performance and encouraging self-challenge.

              Two:Talent Concept

        Good faith, separating public from private interests, all over the world, let everybody fully display his talents, achievements oriented, enjoy the growth.

        Sunking believe that honesty is the basic element of a person, and also is the key factor to choose talents.

        The Sunking talents come from all over the world, they are also cosmopolitans. As long as you have the ability, there is place for you to perform.

        The selection and promotion are totally achievements oriented in Sunking, appointing people by abilities is the unaltered principle of Sunking to choose talents. The people who has the excellent achievements will never be ignored at the same post.

        The possibility of our company is to let employees grow together with enterprise. We think the employees should obtain the reward as they made great contribution for the company’s development.One must can get development as long as what they have done can promote company’s development.

              Three:Innovation Concept

        We pursue the continuously improvement, non-stop creativity. Innovation is the soul of Sunking, without innovation, then without Sunking, even to say nothing of the future of Sunking.

               Four:Study Concept

        Sunking built to last, we have no other way to go, so we must learn and grow up constantly. Sunking is a leaning organization, never too old to learn is an necessary thing for every Sunking person, “learning by doing, doing by learning”.

               Five:Operation Principle

        Steady operation, benefit priority, Our enterprise undertakes the dreams, pursuit and future of Sunking people. We must insist to the steady operation in the serious market competition. We must aim at corporate profitability when paying out every effort, make the careful analysis and investigation, we must not blindly pursue high profit while ignore the high-risk.

              Six:Value Comes from First-rate Service

        Everybody can be the server and everybody is severed in Sunking. The working value also comes from the first -rate service. We let our consumers enjoy the first-rate service as well as our internal customers. The working value depends on whether you can provide first-rate service to your customers.

              Seven:Management Principle

        Our management is simple, the truth is always simple, so does the management principle. That is, using one word to make everybody clear.

               Eight: Pay attention to Detail and Efficiency

        Sunking believes that the matter that can really solve business crisis is the tiny thing-concentrate on every detail then the benefit will come to you. The sea is made by each small streams, so the details decide whether we can success or failure.


              It is no use to achieve success through single struggle in this age. Only we solidarity and cooperation that we can make efficiency and win strength in competition.

             Ten: Quality is Oriented and Everyone is Responsible

        Quality is the life of products,which is also depend on every one of us. No matter which post you are, the work you do can affect the quality of products in company.