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      • Quality PCBs come from our dedicated professional team.
      • Sunking manufactures high quality PCBs as per standard IPC. Our quality is not an afterthought, but built into each process from PCB engineering to packaging and shipping. All the production processes are continuously monitored and optimized in an effort to increase the quality of your PCBs and reduce defective rate of bulk orders. And all production processes are directly tied to the Trace Monitoring system, thus offering a log of full traceability of material and product flow. It is constantly striving towards zero defects through the use of systematic monitoring.
      Quality Management 01First of all, pay attention to operators technical training: all operators shall not take up their jobs before well trained and pass examination. Training includes: manufacturing processes and basic principle training, standard operation processes training, training how to correctly operate to avoid defective boards and so on.
      02Secondly, all equipments must be regularly checked and maintained: regular check and maintain can ensure equipments work at their best. Any found problem should be timely feedback and adjust, reduce fraction defective to radically increase the qualified rate of boards. Quality Management
      Quality Management 03Thirdly, strengthen the wet fluid control: strictly control the fluid volume and syrup concentration. Analysts should regularly sample from the reaction tank and analyze, request relevant departments to actively cooperate and adjust the syrup concentration accordingly, to make sure the concentration is under optimum concentration range.
      04Fourth, further strengthen the technical control, modify or change processes according to the actual situation. Quality Management